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Showroom Finland at ID Helsinki 2017

Showroom Finland is at ID Helsinki 12.-13.9.2017, stand no. 60.  The event takes place in Event Center Telakka in Hernesaari area. “ID Helsinki is an informative, effective and inspirational trade show about public spaces, offices and workspaces. We concentrate on commercial design and contract interiors.” Read more about the event on their website here.  


Opening hours 

Tuesday 12 September 2017 at 9:00 – 19:00

Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 9:00 – 18:00.

Event Center Telakka, address: Henry Fordin katu 6, 00180 Helsinki (Hernesaari area).

Helsinki Eco Bag by Showroom Finland

Last year in Finland plastic bag was chosen as “the most useless thing of the year”. Same year European Parliament approved a directive that forces shops to limit the use of plastic bags and start charging for them. Every European household consumes in average 200 plastic bags per year. This means that over 8 billion plastic bags ends up to a garbage plant after used only once. Maybe we use some bags from our great collection twice, if we throw our garbage in there. However, 8 billion. And that’s only in Europe.

ecobag black eco bag

Showroom Finland encourages people to think about their daily choices. In our collection we have a large, strong and foldable eco bag that packs easily in its own pocket and doesn’t require lot of space. It fits easily in your smaller or bigger bag and in that way is always available when needed. In the supermarket, at the beach or when you’re travelling.

Helsinki bags come in bronze, silver, black and in beloved Moomin-theme in various colours. More stylish, stronger and better for the nature than a plastic bag of your favourite supermarket.


Pilke 36 white 2 pcs

Green Good Design 2016 Award for Pilke and Havas Lights

The original GOOD DESIGN founded by Saarinen and Eames’ in Chicago in 1950  is the oldest and most important Awards Program worldwide.  Green GOOD DESIGN identifies and emphasizes the world’ most important examples of sustainable design.  This award was granted for Showroom Finland’s lights PILKE and HAVAS, design Tuukka Halonen.

Pilke 60 birch, white, black

The inspiration for the PILKE lights came from traditional Finnish shingle work, but Tuukka Halonen upgraded the design to a modern structure made with today’s state of the art technology.  Repetition of plywood part in right angle creates a beautiful subtle friction to light.  HAVAS is a do-it-yourself lamp and comes in a flat box with assembly instructions.  The plywood lamp constructs itself of tens of birch plywood slats, which will be joint together to form an intelligent structure.